Lambing Live 2011 …..It’s a bit like sailing to me …..

I’d better explain………….When I first met Kate in the dim and distant past the first birthday I had … Kate was off in Antigua tall ship sailing! So sailing was important to her……… I had never sailed……… so a few years ago we decided upon a year of sailing! We went to Antigua on a sunsail holiday to do a flotilla training course ………. we actually flew out on my birthday, and Kate was only recalling this morning what a nightmare journey it was …. as I was sooooo very excited, and she was sooooo very tired. So anyway I did some sailing…….. and truth be told, didn’t like it and thought the boat was going to fall over 😦  So that Easter I did a dingy course on the local reservoir in Derbyshire, bit of a come down from Antigua. I quite enjoyed it, and mastered capsize! So that Autumn we did our competent crew training in Gibraltar. Wow what an experience, we loved it and Martin our Skipper gave us such confidence.

So what on earth has this got to do with lambing?????

Well, we have actually taken lots of steps towards where we are today, on the lambing front. We have both been on a lambing course, and Kate last year undertook the night shift whilst our friends sheep lambed. Kate will also be doing more at Ag College prior to our lambing time, and we also have good back up from our very supportive vet.

So when we do lamb … it will be similar I think to when Kate and I took ARTA our Sailing Holidays boat around Kefelonia. The first time we turned the engine off and had the sails up and the wind just carried us along….. was truly magical, and the end product of all the fear that had to be overcome and learning that took place to get us there. That is how I expect to feel when our first lamb is born …… and yes I will cry!  🙂

Kate on the other hand is much more relaxed about it…… after all she knows that we have the skills and knowledge to do it…. and a back up plan.

The joy of blogging is not putting pictures on of yourself!

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