Spring is in the air………… well it was yesterday!

The skylarks are back 🙂 a sure sign of spring ……… surely! Their song can be heard as they soar high above the fields and we are so pleased that they have returned. Last year when Kate was interviewed by Charlotte Smith for Farming Today, something she still remembers rather too fondly for my liking ;-), well then the skylarks could be heard in the background…….. and they are back.

Also one of our regular visitors, of the Scottish variety, has returned, and is proving helpful once more as she and Kate wander around with pencils stuck behind their ears, talking of 2 mill this and 1 and a half mill that and browsing the screwfix catalogue, looking for that certain something that will make everything just right.

So a busy day yesterday with me and young Daniel, James, Rhian and Kate all working on various projects.

On Wednesday when I was off on annual leave I had cleaned out the chickens so that left James free to sort out the compost bins…….. a hard but so worthwhile job!

I set myself and Daniel up to wash out the plant pots ……….

Now washing plant pots to me is a little bit like washing lettuce, a dull unnecessary job…………. however having had a recent talk….. yesterday morning when trying to say it was not worth doing ……. on bio- security . I set up a table in the sunshine and was immediately abandoned by my helper, who realised quickly what a boring job it was as it did not involve the hose pipe in any great part. So with constant grumbling which fell on very deaf ears I did in fact wash nearly all the pots……….. very few of which I am planning on using……….. the rest I will put away safely, somewhere where they wont be found next year when pot washing time comes round again!

In the afternoon, I got the tractor out and harrowed the field below the veg plot.

Um, you may have noticed that this is not me ………… this is the field next to use on Mount Pleasant Lane that was ploughed yesterday and a beautiful sight it was too!!!!!!

So I drove our tractor with the chain harrows on and went over the field…. exciting the pigs and looking back at the barn and feeling quite contented.

And today ………. well it is miserable and raining, so I am blogging, doing the washing and taking lunch up to the workers later, I sound like a proper farmers wife ……. yikes!!

If you would like more information about Willow Farm please check out our website at http://www.littleblackpig.co.uk/

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