The evenings are drawing out ….. last chicken in bed at 6.05 pm tonight!


 So today was my last Wednesday off for a while…………. and I made the most of it 🙂

It was a beautiful, sunny, cold morning and muddy!! However there was still that little bit of spring in the air and the skylarks were singing.

The veg plot is looking good, with the cabbages and brussels growing well.

In fact even the compost bins look good!

Soon very soon, we can start really getting our veg patch sorted. However currently we still have a batch of pigs on it! Although they are leaving us very soon!!

I am really looking forward to planting our potatoes, beetroot, onions, garlic, beans, leeks,and everything else. Most of the compost will go at the bottom of the beds, we have so much, thanks to the chickens 🙂 and also the pigs have been on there for a few months so the soil should be even better than last year. We are also slightly more on top of things this year ie we are both living in Worcestershire and we have water on site, so heaps better than this time last year!!

The grass is beginning to grow again, but we are having to feed hay to the lambs and the ewes, although the ewes are better off for grass than the youngsters.

 These lambs are last years lambs and looking very wooly, a couple more months and they will be for shearing, and we should have little lambs too:-) If any of you are knitters ……… we will have balls of wool for sale soon and Ryland wool is wonderful to knit with. I may even have to take up my kneedles again …….. although I have no idea where I saw them last !!

So yes basically I have been playing out today, planting seeds and putting them in the greenhouse, wandering about collecting eggs ……..63 today … well done girls…… and played ball with Ben. It is a long day and getting longer, we are at the farm as near to 7.30 am as poss to let the hens out and feed the pigs and then the last chicken was in bed at 6.05pm so home by 6.30pm. So as the evenings stretch out we will soon be in the what time to have tea dilemma………… !!

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