There is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing!

This is one of Kate’s favourite saying, and has been for a few months now…………. so much for last weekend when I thought Spring had sprung!

So undeterred we worked on, and actually it wasn’t that rainy, just muddy!

Sunday was a better day and I set off early after feeding the pigs and opening up the chickens…….. after my bacon bap, I went hunting.

Armed with a spade and a bucket and my trusty hunting dog Benson, we walked the patch that the sheep had recently grazed, looking for ……… thistles. Kate intends to let a bit of the top field by the lane go for hay making purposes.  The cost of hay this year is quite high and the sheep have got through it rather with this snowy winter we have had. So hay means no thistles… hence my morning hunt!

I had just begun to think that thistle hunting wasn’t all that difficult, when I found one………….. quickly followed by 7 more. So then I had a heavy bucket, a sore arm, my tennis elbow is playing up, and although I try not to use it all the time , I am so left handed, it hurts! But bravely I carry on, mainly because there is a higher goal in sight!!!

Once I have secured the area of thistles, I can then get out the tractor and chain harrows and harrow that section of the big field:-) So bundled up, in my thermals, hoodie, wooly hat, 2 big thick shirts of differing bigness and my gloves, I can tractor 🙂

Now with the chain harrows on the back and the 4 in 1 loader on the front……. she is quite a beast, and a long one at that. Turning can be tricky…….. but I easily mastered the first turn ……….. then got over confident on the second !!!!!!!! Yikes …. luckily Kate was in the barn and all too happy to supervise things…………. mind my fence I think she said ……. cheek!!

So anyway, it got sorted and I did not tear the fence wire and I did complete my job………… half a job Harry me !!!!!!!!!! So I will be interested to see how the grass on this bit of field grows.

So work continued this weekend at Willow Farm…… quite tiring, fairly cold…………. but we got a lot done and had fun and got muddy 🙂 result 🙂

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