Yummy Pedigree Saddleback Pork and Sausages all sold :-)

So this week was a very busy week, with the latest batch of Pedigree Saddlebacks turned into 1/2 pig freezer packs and sausages.

It sounds so simple but ……… truth be told Kate is exhausted……. having loaded and delivered the pigs to the abattoir for 8am on Monday, chasing the packing boxes, producing the invoices and information packs and helping our lovely butcher with the packing and making sure they are all cut according to the individual specifications of our customers, as well as running the farm! Wednesday night Kate was reporting proudly about the quality of the carcasses she had seen, at the butchers, for the cutting and packing day on Thursday.

I really must see them one day, mainly because when people ask me what cuts they can have, I am always asking Kate for help, as I don’t quite get which bits make up what. Loin joints = no chops etc. Sausages were  made on thursday as well, and Kate deserved to have then  for lunch and tea 🙂

Most of the pork and sausages were either delivered or collected on friday, and I had the pleasure of sausages for lunch again yesterday, when I delivered half a pig to Plymouth and had lunch with my sister Helen. It is a good thing I like our sausages…………. actually I more than like them and do get quite possessive about them. At the moment we have a few packs in the freezer………… but give it a few weeks, when stocks run low, I’ll be hiding them…………. maybe I am not the best sales person in the team 😦 ……… I just love our sausages, probably the best ever 🙂

So another batch coming up soon…………. and we are thinking about sending a side off for making into bacon and ham :-)……………. I know that really we should be making it ourselves…….. but we actually have so much on at present…….. we really can’t do everything……… even though we try!!

So watch this space for news ……………. we have a heart stopping week ahead………. our planning application to live on site in a caravan goes to committee on thursday !!!!!!!!! I can’t think about it, let alone blog about it, Kate is going to the committee meeting and I will be trying to work………..fingers crossed, breath held………………………..this is just critical to us!!


5 thoughts on “Yummy Pedigree Saddleback Pork and Sausages all sold :-)

  1. Lynda Peachey

    Great to hear about the planning application! I’m thinking about you two, crossing anything crossable and sending all sorts of positive vibes for Thursday. Go work that room Kate!! I’m guessing you’ll leave the premises with a book full of phone numbers and at least two new best pals!!! …… and of course the ‘permission granted’ stamp! ;-D

  2. Linda Bywater

    Just joining everyone in crossing everything and praying that all goes well for you on Thursday. You certainly deserve a good outcome if there is any justice in the world!

    Linda xx

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