Lots of news…. TV dates, Caravan photos, so much happening!!

So a quick catch up for those of you who follow this blog via Kate’s facebook …………… on thursday we got planning permission to live in a temporary dwelling on site for 3 years. In that time we will have to turn the business into a profitable one.I blogged it from my iphone so it didn’t appear on Kate’s facebook page, sorry but it was an emotional day!!

So Thursday was a major deal and we live to tell the tale!

So what next………………… well somewhere to live………………….

So this is our new home ……………, in need of a clean. So we got the posse in……………. to help clean it and within an hour it was gleaming and sparkling:-)

So that was brill!! Just a few basic ammenities need sorting and it can be sited!!

So Kate Daniels superstar !!!!!!!!!!!

The TV series, that Kate is in the last episode of, starts this Thursday at 9pm on BBC 2…………. past our bed time, but we will make a special effort to stay up!  The British at Work is the title of the series, starring Kirsty Young, and Kate is in the last episode on Thursday March 31st 🙂 So bearing in mind that by then we will be living on the farm, with no TV, I guess that means we will be hoping for an invite back to Kate’s parents to watch it!!

So this Thursday night …….. is the first of a four-part series, exploring the post-war British workplace covering seven decades of turbulent change.

Kirsty Young presents a series that uses a blend of testimony from ordinary workers and archive footage.

The first episode looks at the period immediately after the Second World War, when there was full employment and a wave of nationalisation across industry.

It sounds interesting and worth staying up for even if Kate wasn’t on it on a later episode…… although how much of Kate is on the cutting room floor is anyones guess!

2 thoughts on “Lots of news…. TV dates, Caravan photos, so much happening!!

  1. Lynda Peachey

    What a transformation to the caravan! Well done to the posse!!! Regarding our TV celebrity- what is she doing on the programme? Acting, being interviewed, chasing sheep, singing on the karaoke …? We should be told :0)

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