The British at Work! Kate on Telly on Friday!!




The Age of Uncertainty: 1995 – Now


Next on:

Friday, 21:00 on BBC Two (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland only)

SynopsisIn the final episode of the series, Kirsty Young looks at how work has changed from the late 90s to the present. Using comedy, drama and archive from the period, she examines how work has crept into the very centre of our lives.

Kirsty confronts her own troubles with her work/life balance and hears from ordinary people trying to cope with the relentless demands of 21st century work.

She also explores the curious and often hilarious attempts by managers to make us adopt corporate values by being not just our bosses but also our mates.

Why am I blogging about this !!???

Well remember this photo ?

Well Kate is on telly on friday April 1st!!!!

To be honest the closer it gets the more nervous we are, but heyho it is done now!

Apparently Kate is in a few snippets in the first 25 mins and then both of us at the farm at the end ….. yikes!

So we are slightly reassured that we have both already lost some weight since then, so if we seem extra large … well we are only large now:-)

So we will be watching with Kate’s Mum and Dad on friday night.

Other news is that we have now moved into the caravan and are this very evening celebrating having a functioning toilet 10 paces from bed… my side probably 5 for Kate:-)

We were up at 6.30 this morning and finished work at 7.30pm, Kate is already in bed and I am not far off!

Now we have planning permission to live here it is all systems go to make sure we turn this dream into a dream business.

We should be working on our website but we are just too tired….. I will put in a little time on it tomorrow evening… but we do go live next week so…. do check it out…..

I was taking photos today for it ….. these are some rejects

….. I would also tell you about a new recipe for sausage meat burgers with rhubarb …. but I am saving that for the website…. so it really is worth looking at:-)

Not that I am giving up blogging … far from it…. now we have the computer set up in the caravan there will be no stopping me… but just at the mo… we do need to do some web work :-/ but it will be worth it in the end cos you will be able to see all the lovely things we have for sale and be able to interact with us even more !!!!!

So clocks change tonight so I am off to bed !!

For more information contact Kate Daniels or check out our website

4 thoughts on “The British at Work! Kate on Telly on Friday!!

  1. Lisa.Arthur.sharpsbus

    missed the prog last year. We keep getting bombarded by the media but thers no way I’m saying yes til I’ve got everything just how we want it. Still got to paint the bus yet! and also, plonk it somewhere – don’t think i want to stay on a bus yard forever!! Your blog is great, alot of is very informative, thanks. All the best – if you’re popping onto our screens again – let us know! 🙂

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