Check out our new website!!!!

So today our new website is launched 🙂 and we are mighty pleased with it 🙂

Check it out at

and let us know what you think of it….. all feedback gratefully received, we are not just fishing for compliments.

Also we have only put three, wonderful Little Black Pig pork and Willow Farm egg, recipes on the site so far  and we know that there are many more. So help us out and send us your recipes please. So many of you are excellent cooks … share with us please 🙂

Life continues to be great. Now we are living up here and Spring is upon us life is pretty wonderful. Hard work, but satisfying.

I will blog more over the weekend with our latest exploits, in the meantime check out the blog and also don’t forget to watch BBC 2 on friday night at 9pm to see Kate on The British at Work, there will be a glimpse of the farm at the end 🙂

2 thoughts on “Check out our new website!!!!

  1. Jen

    Love the new website, and look forward to recipe shariing…a great idea. Can’t wait to see Kate on the telly on Friday evening. X

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