Pedigree Saddleback meat and sausages delivered and more weaners collected!

Wow what a busy week !!!!!!!!!

Another batch of  pigs left us on Monday to be made into half pig freezer packs and sausages  with the help of our lovely butcher at Hereford House in Droitwich  🙂

So friday and saturday were full tilt delivering our goods to our lovely customers!

The week was also full tilt with finishing of our new website I am sure you have checked it out by now but if not please do have a look and tell us what you think! It is now possible to order your meat from us directly by contacting via the website 🙂 I know you always could contact us directly by ringing Kate or speaking to me …. but we are fallible humans, particularly me, and the website kinda stops you having to rely on me telling Kate, that someone wants sausages or a best bits box !!

Friday night was also Kate on telly night…… in the British at Work….. and there was a nano second of me, wrestling with Benson as I tried to keep both of us from shot !! That didn’t work did it !! We have had loads of lovely comments, about how happy Kate looked etc and she has been delighted to hear from people she has worked with in the past and some who she has lost touch with. It was a great series and an interesting experience being involved.

Anyway enough of that….. what else have we been up to?

Well a great stress buster this week was Tuesday evening, when we both applied our knowledge of Physics to how to get a big pig arc off the trailer!!

We had bought is from a pig farmer in Devon who is sadly giving up keeping pigs.

So we kind of played tug of war with it and it landed exactly where we wanted it 🙂

We needed the new arc as Pam is off with Alfred and Dawn is out growing her arc and we had new weaners due so needed a move around!

And then today we have been off to collect some more  Saddleback piglets

We drove through some rain on the way back and then it caught up with us … just when we didn’t want it to!

Anyway they seem happy enough!

So it feels like full circle in a week, fattened pigs leaving and new weaners arriving.

A couple of weeks away from lambing!  Potatoes getting planted but so much more to do with the veg………. and the chickens are laying well.

So all is well here at Willow Farm, and I am off  out to turn the generator off and go to bed….. Kate went an hour ago…….. tired but happy 🙂

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