Hot water tomorrow probably!

So we have been living in the caravan on site for just over a week!

We have a working toilet, and cold water plumbed into the caravan………. luxury really, what more could a girl ask for! I remember when I first met Kate and she drove up in her flash sports car with the roof down and I thought her a little flash!! Well I have lived and learnt and actually wouldn’t have it any other way!

However today we had a plumber blokie around and tomorrow we should have the shower working and the hot water boiler and …………. even the gas fire!!

We have found that we are sleeping well, having moved our wonderful Tony Gilpin Rooms for All mattress out of storage and onto the divan bed. Kate went to bed Saturday hardly able to move, having been digging in the veg plot, and Sunday woke up renewed!

We have managed another 15mins lie in in the mornings and Mr Benson is loving having us around:-)

I got home from work today and spent an hour in the veg plot before doing the evening rounds and it felt great! Who need the gym?

So we now have room for guests and guest number one is due on Friday night when our nephew Daniel  (6 years old) comes to stay for the night, it is only fair as he was a star when we had the snow, coming up with Kate early mornings to do the rounds!

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