Lambing Live 2011 concludes!

So our last ewe, number 88 lambed this morning at about 5am. Just a single lamb, a boy, delivered with no fuss or histrionics, and mother and son are doing well.

Meanwhile the other lambs are enjoying the sunshine, and periodically getting lost from their Mum and then finding her again!!


The lambs are so cute and comical I just can’t help but take their photos ………….

 So we have a total of nine new lambs and the prospect of a peaceful nights sleep ahead, with Kate not getting up every couple of hours to check on the ewes.

 The lambs are all bright and healthy, and we are looking forward to next years lambing, having learnt loads!!

An update on the grumbling appendix, is that it is now more of a bit of a nag, and if I dont do very much…. it is ok!  But each day it gets better so I think I am out of the woods… phew! I also do look ridiculously healthy as it is just too hot to stay in the caravan, so I have been lounging about in the lovely sunshine 🙂

3 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2011 concludes!

  1. Linda Bywater

    Really pleased that lambing successfully over and that you are on the mend. Enjoy the sunshine for as long as it lasts. I think your photos are amazing. Big AHHH factor:)xx

  2. Rhian

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! The Lambs, not you!!!:-)
    I am definitely coming to visit soon. My planned return to work in May is just part time, so think i could get up for a weekend in May???
    I’ll still be fit for sitting in the sun only tho’. Guess you may have to be a bit busier by then…
    Glad you feeling better, just remember to take it easy.

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