A hectic time and new product lines …… Bacon and Ham!

It has been so long since my last blog and so much has happened I hardly know where to start…….

End of lambing I guess.

So we now have 8 beautiful lambs, gambolling around the field with their mums. 5 ewe lambs to be added to our breeding flock for the year after next, and 3 boy lambs. I boy lamb is a real bobby dazzler and we have not castrated him, and will show him this year and sell him as a ram lamb. He is son of Glamourpuss, of course!

He currently goes by the name Orlando……. as each year there is a new letter identifier and this year we thought it was O but actually it is P so we are looking for a new name …. any suggestions?

We have also had a fox sniffing around the chickens and he has paid us a few daytime visits so we are being extra vigilant. One of the consequences of this was that whilst the lambs were under a week old, Kate slept in with them, out in the field!

One night when Kate was so very tired I sent her to bed at 8pm and said that I would sit up with them, well by 9pm I was ready for bed too, so having some heart, I set up camp in the field and lasted until 2am, then woke Kate to take over and she was very lovely and grateful, but actually she was a real star through all the lambing 🙂

There has been a distinct lack of rain through all this, and Kate and I look disgustingly healthy and tanned, the grass is becoming crunchy and the pigs are making use of their wallows to keep cool.

This is Dawn, enjoying a cool down, Pam is still in the love shack with Alfred…… is she pregnant yet? Time will tell !!

We have had a problem locally with fly strike, ridiculously early in the year, due to the hot weather. Luckily we have kept on top of the problem and our flock are all ok!

We also had our first visit from the Shearer, on Tuesday. So it was a big gathering exercise and we had runs, and pens everywhere, but it all went well.

These pictures were taken by my very nearly 5 year old niece Annie Williams, and are fantastic…. thanks Annie 🙂

The veg plot is coming on…. spuds are in, along with the beetroot, onions and garlic. The beans trench needs digging, but hopefully some rain this weekend will soften the ground. Tomatoes and courgettes are in the greenhouse. So veg production has taken a massive step forward in the last few weeks.

Did I mention BACON !

Kate has cured a side for bacon and ham for the first time… and we are greatly delighted with the results. Baco production takes place at Hereford House Butchers in Droitwich as they have the facilities, and but Kate does all the curing. She made short back and streaky bacon this time and a fabulous ham joint which was cooked over Easter and sampled by many 🙂 So a big thumbs up from all and keep and eye on our website as we will be offering it for sale shortly ……http://www.littleblackpig.co.uk/

We have also always had lots of support and encouragement from friends and family, but especially over the past few weeks. Folks who have visited have pitched in and taken us as they have found us 🙂 Arrived for lunch, to find that they have had to make it, as we are down with the sheep, or stayed over and ended up making breakfast for 11 !!

I think we may be lambing a bit earlier next year so that it doesn’t all happen at once… but who knows that is next year!

So I am off to do morning rounds……. and then a nice homemade bacon sandwich for me…… Kate is having a lie in this morning………. first for ages…….. but then again she can stay up to put the chickens to bed at 9 tonight!!

2 thoughts on “A hectic time and new product lines …… Bacon and Ham!

    • lovelyalib

      I am just not sure I see Peter as the name for a Superstud ram …. although Kermit doesn’t sound v stud like either but we dis not name him. I ll see what Kate thinks 🙂 c

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