So my holiday in summary and pictures!

Back to work tomorrow for me 😦 and a bit 🙂

So much has happened in the past few weeks…… I am just going to summarize it all to make sure you are up to date as I have been neglecting my blogging slightly!

So Lambing ……… phew what a learning experience!!

So this was Farmer Kate delivering a lamb 3 weeks ago and

This is that same lamb today !

The 8 lambs are all looking strong and healthy and 5 of the 8 have now lost their tails!

This is Orlando, having a quick snack.

The sheep are all shorn, except the ewes who are feeding their lambs.

We have new chicks, hatched out at a local Nursing home and then given to us to raise.

The fruit bushes are laden with fruit, and we will hopefully get around to netting them later this evening

even the veg plot is coming on

but has a way to go yet!

3 pigs went to the butchers last week, and our first sheep leave us tomorrow on their way to making hoggart!

So Kate is spending a fair amount of time at Hereford House Butchers in Droitwich, overseeing the cutting and packing of our meat, and also making another load of bacon and ham … yum 🙂

Living here at Willow Farm is wonderful, but wherever we look we can always see jobs to be done, and we have made some pretty spectacular lists over the past few weeks. Pacing ourselves is important, however the drive to build the farm up is very strong, so managing ourselves over this very hectic time has been interesting…. I have cried a couple of times, generally due to tiredness 😦

So my uniform is ironed and clean, my shoes are polished, my work bag is ready. The caravan is clean and tidy. The washing is up to date and Kate has cleaned my car. So I am ready for work tomorrow, but will miss being on the farm lots and lots. Just as well I will be home tomorrow evening in time for evening rounds and maybe a little light weeding!

Though maybe I had better start that now …… there is 4 and a half hours daylight left after all !

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