Pig tales!

Hmmn some of you are probably now expecting the announcement that Kate has started wearing her hair in bunches ! Well it is now  almost long enough to tie up, having progressed through the Clare Balding phase to now more of a Boris Johnson look. But that is not the main theme of this blog…… it is to update you on what is happening with the pigs.

During lambing recently we did remark that the sheep are so uncomplaining and quiet when they are not well, or in trouble and so unlike the pigs who squeal so loudly when you are 10 minutes late with their food and they try to lead you to believe they have not been fed for days……. well at the end of this week the 4 little pigs have been a bit off it. Our pig guru Tony York told us on our pig-keeping course 4 years ago that you needed to vet your pigs 2 x daily at feed time. If they didn’t come hurtling out of their housing eager for food something was up! That is what we experienced for the first time in our 3 years of pig-keeping at the end of last week. They just didn’t seem interested, they would wander out lethargically and not eat all their food…………. unheard of………. and worrying. So we consulted the books and looked at them and decided that with the recent hot weather and general windyness that maybe they had sunstroke. So we gave them extra, extra water and yesterday they bounced back and are back to their noisy, naughty ways…. phew 🙂

So greatly relieved we continue, as before, to check them over twice daily.

We also have the conundrum as to whether or not Pam is pregnant. Now a big takes 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours and 3 cups of tea from when the deed is done to farrowing! So we could have  piglets within the next 2 months if she conceived in the early days or slightly later if not. We don’t really have to worry too much at the moment, however she will soon be requiring more feed, if she is with piglet! So soon we will be moving her into her own pad, near to the caravan so we can keep a closer eye on her.

So is she pregnant ??

 This is Pam and now as a comparison this is Dawn, same age and still a spinster of this parish!

Your guess is as good as ours …… but we kind of think Pam is pregnant… but maybe we are wrong… time will tell.

We have other new additions to our stock this weekend ….. in that we have acquired 2 Silkies…. renown for their broodyness to act as our incubators for hatching our chicks… probably next Spring. Chosen by Ben and Laura we have named them Tarlo and Ross. Tarlo is the White one who loves the camera and Ross is the rather shyer black ball of fluff 🙂


Otherwise the lambs remain fabulous with Number 4 ‘s lambs who were the difficult lambing …. their Mum had the triplets, are doing very well.

and the whole flock are feeding and mothering well.

So all in all a good week. I have returned to work and Kate is having uninterrupted work…. apparently I am always stopping for coffee! We have had a lovely relaxing weekend with friends and Kate has even managed to squeeze in an afternoon snooze……… luxury………. and I am about to go and wake her up 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pig tales!

  1. Alun

    Hi Kate & Ali
    Just sat down in Derbyshire and finally on top of the list of things to do. So sought you out to catch up on the blog. Love the site by the way. Very pro.
    Caught up with some of your news through Dave & H.
    Not sure when we will get to see ya as time is precious and only back for a short stay visiting family etc.
    Loads of Love from both of us and have a FAB year.
    Til’ the Autumn???

  2. Ali & Pete

    Great to get all your updated news and relieved to hear the pigs are OK – must have been a bit of a panic on when they weren’t feeding! We have been away every wekend and trying to sort my Mum out with carers the last 2 weekends, hope to catch up with you soon. Much love A & P

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