Pedigree Ryland Hoggett delivery weekend

This weekend our first delivery and collection of our Pedigree Ryland Hoggett took place. Our 3 Ryland boys, at 1year old, went to the little slaughter-house we use nearly 2 weeks ago and then went to Hereford House, our butcher, to be hung for a week before cutting and packing up ready for delivery and collection this weekend.

It was the first time we had sent any of our flock away and I did feel slightly more emotional than when the pigs go, however they had enjoyed their life here with us, grazing our land and roaming their fields.

Here is a link to a Hoggett recipe on the BBC food website.

Hoggett has a deeper flavour than lamb, but does not take the slower cooking of mutton and we are awaiting feedback with bated breath.

Kate from Matlock drove down on thursday, stayed over, leaving at 5.30am to get to work and collected her order… and sausages.

Then our good friends Kate and Charlotte arrived on friday night to collect theirs and sounded quite up for giving us a hand on Saturday…. actually wanting jobs ….and jobs they got:-)

Kate decided with all these willing workers…. yes she was including me in that, and James who altered his plans to pitch in, this weekends major task was …….moving the chicken house!

So yesterday morning at 7 work began.

The reason we needed to move the chickens was that they had scratched around and eaten all the grass and we wanted to move them onto a fresh piece of land. We also have plans to plough up where they have been and grow some fodder crops as wheat prices are rising through the roof and an alternative to their current diet of concentrates we hope to be able to supplement their food with maize and other stuff…. hey Kate is the real farmer and knows just what…. I am only the assistant!

Taking it down was much easier than last time as the timber was so dry the screws came out easily …. so I am told 😉

Then before long the chickens were in their new pen and scratching around on the grass.

Kate and Charlotte were brilliant help, and we even found more jobs for them after this. So I guess anyone reading this who may be visiting in the future needs to think long and hard before offering to help! We are always delighted when people to come and visit, help is always appreciated but it is not crucial… we just love the fact that,with us being so tied to the land, our friends make the effort to come and see us 🙂 xx

So today, Sunday, the day of rest, I was hoping for rain to give me an excuse to sit in the caravan and read my latest thriller. It hasn’t rained but I did have a few hours reading and Kate has driven to Southend on Sea to make a delivery and is wending her way home now.

The animals are all ok, all the lambs tails have now dropped off and we are looking forward to what the next week brings.

One thought on “Pedigree Ryland Hoggett delivery weekend

  1. Pie

    I can confirm that the hoggett delivered to Southend on Sea is wonderful. We began on Monday with the liver flash fried and served with smashed jersey royals, cabbage and bacon. It was heaven. Chops tonight!

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