Our First Pedigree Saddleback Hog Roast!

Well actually the title is slightly miss leading … it was our first ever hog roast 🙂

Cousin Rachel…. the gorgeous one who married lovely Mike earlier this year …. well it was the lovely Mike’s birthday and Rachel asked Kate if she could do a hog roast and Kate said she could and she did….. with the assistance of the delightful Emma.




So they left Willow Farm at 7.30 arriving around 3 hours later to set up and start cooking.


Apple sauce, stuffing, bread rolls from Ombersley bakery………. and our pork mmmmn!!!

And then it was eaten and people came back for more and more and more ………….

After everyone had had their fill Kate and Emma set about cleaning the machine, which we had hired for the occasion, and they scrubbed for 2 hours and got it looking shiny new again:-)

They then drove home and Kate got back to Willow Farm at 2.45 am ….. therefore is now having a well deserved afternoon snooze. So a hard days work, very satisfied partygoers…… would we do it again……………… you bet 🙂


4 thoughts on “Our First Pedigree Saddleback Hog Roast!

  1. Ali & Pete

    Congratulations on your first hog roast – sounds delicious. Just back from Bournemouth and away for next 3 weekends! See you both in July. Lots a luv A & P x

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