Living at Willow Farm

So what is life like now that we are living here at Willow Farm?

In all honesty it is really good. Sometimes it feels a little like living above the shop as even when we are eating tea or listening to the radio in the evening… we are only too aware that there are lots of jobs to be done… just outside the caravan door.

We have been under repeated daytime fox attack recently and so for the past few weeks we have not left the farm unattended even for a minute and this has been quite difficult to manage….. although Emma and Ian and the kids have been very good at popping over to relieve Kate, as she has to visit the butchers frequently to keep an eye on our dry curing of our bacon and ham …………. we are having our very own gammon this evening with mushrooms, egg and chips 🙂 I can’t wait!

We will have our new fencing going up in about 10 days so the end is in sight for the fox vigil, but meantime….. we are on watch!  The other evening just as I had closed up the last house for the night I saw the fox in the next field, and we saw him again the following morning at 5.30. It feels that there are a whole host of foxes out there just watching waiting for us to drop our guard.

The sunshine and showers have meant that things are growing quite well and Kate has planted some fodder beet, to feed the livestock with, and that is beginning to sprout.

This is on the land besides the barn were the chicken house used to be.

Mum came to visit the other week and we planted up some hanging baskets which cheer the eye and make us feel we are making a home here.

We have also had some lovely rainbows this week………… Rainbows End was the working title for this dream project of ours and although we thought it to twee for the farm name we still remember the early days of planning, when we were living and working in Derbyshire, every time we see a rainbow.

So I am off to the caravan now to sit and read The Book of The Farm which we bought yesterday, when we were in London town, seeing the lovely Simon and Tania’s children being christened! A whole day off together was just delicious………. and whats more the lovely Emma who farm sat for us, so competently, is happy to do so again, so we may have a day off together sometime in August 🙂

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