Multi Tasking ……….. with lots of pictures!

So I am in charge today as the lovely Kate Daniels has driven off to deliver some sausages en route to having an evening of culture at Holmfirth. The lovely Harrietl Tarlo, one of Kate’s oldest and dearest friends is reading some of her poetry and Kate will be in the audience to support her and have a bit of culture.

Tuesday 14th June 7.30pm
Choppards Mission
Tickets £7 (£5 concs)

The Ground Aslant

with Ian McMillan

To celebrate the publication of The Ground Aslant, an anthology of radical landscape poetry, Ian McMillan hosts an evening of poetry reading and conversation. He’ll be joined by Harriet Tarlo, the book’s editor and a poet living in and writing about Holmfirth, and two of the contributors to the anthology, Frances Presley and Mark Dickinson.

This is a superb anthology, full of trouble and wonder (The Independent)

And then Kate is off to college tomorrow to show them that she has survived Lambing and is still doing the do here at Willow Farm. Meanwhile I am multi tasking…………..

With the generator on I am currently pumping water to water the veg plot a little and also fill the animals drinking troughs. I have collected the eggs (59) and have given the chickens some corn. I am also blogging.. in between feeding the pigs! All quite busy for my holiday, when I am meant to be resting, but I have sat around on fox watch reading a book today and burnt my shins! The weather is glorious!

Yesterday was a full on day when we herded up all the sheep.. easiest with Kermit, and trimmed their feet and treated against blow fly strike!

Here are some photos……….. none of us working with the sheep as we needed all hands on deck for that, also none of us running around herding them into the pens as that was also a tricky part;-)

Looks easy doesn’t it …………. well looks can be deceptive!

The hay field is coming on, we are waiting now for some settled weather for it to be cut.

Pam is eatinng again having been off her food for a few days following her separation from Alfred. Alfred has made friends with Dawn and we are expecting piglets 3 months 3 weeks and 2 days 3hours and 3 minutes from today… ie he served her yesterday!

And other than that things are ok here. I am off on the tractor next to feed the pigs and take them more water………….. I dont actually need to use the tractor as I topped their water up earlier whn I made wallows for them. But there is something about driving the tractor…. the sound of the engine as I chug across the farm seems to resonate with my natural rhythmn, and it does my soul a huge amount of good 🙂

Then continued fox watch until the chickens are in bed…. 3 hours to go…… and some supper for me….. ok I must turn the generator off now…. so that is me signing off!

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