Welcome to Hentonville!

At last we are fox proof 🙂 The fencing was completed yesterday and Kate and James moved the last chicken house this morning….. starting work at 5am and we are breathing a huge sigh of relief!!

Thankyou to everyone who has been involved in moving chicken houses for the last few months….. you are safe now to visit and not be given the less than brilliant task of helping us dismantle and reassemble chicken houses.

 It has not ben easy

dismantling and cleaning the houses….. digging out the foundations…. less said about that the better!

and re assembling the houses

but it is done 🙂

Our wee Scottish friend even found time to practise for the next highland games !!

And all in all we are feeling mighty relieved and can now relax a little and Kate is able to go off to the butchers to see about our next sausage order being made without having to find someone to baby sit the farm.

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