Keep up …… lots happening!!

So it is only 2 weeks but so much has happened … I don’t know where to begin!

James our trusty saturday boy who works on a monday has found a job for the summer in Suffolk…. so he left us this week for  a few months to work with the big boys harvesting! He has ben a star and we will miss him, however Lisa is joining us trough the summer and will be working on a thursday. I am hoping that whereas James finished off all the jobs we did not get around too over the weekend, I am hoping Lisa and Kate will get all the jobs done so I can be a lady of leisure 🙂 Little chance I am sure!

The weather has been very kind to us and we have had lots of lovely sunshine and som rain so the weeds are growing well. The pigs have been wallowing and growing.



We have also bought in two new gilts….. female pigs to breed from. They are from the Duchess line so as yet names have not been settled on but I am leaning towards Camilla and … well Kate would only confuse things and start all sorts of gossip when she becomes pregnant, so I am thinking Dotty would be a good name. Sort of after Auntie Dorothy, who passed away recently, and also because the only way of telling the two of them apart is that she ahs a white tip to her tail! However the jury is still out.


We bought them from a guy called Jamie Denton and he delivered them last Sunday. It was great to talk pigs with someone, and he was very enthusiastic about what we are doing and that always goes down well with us. He also talked cows with Kate for quite some time, we are interested but watching what is happening with bovine tb and badgers closely.

Pam is still not showing any obvious signs of impending piglets. Keeping us guessing, being quite lethargic, which is a sign, but we are watching her teats closely!!

Tarlow, of Tarlow and Ross, the white fluffy Silkie chick we have bought as a broody hen has started to cock a doodle doo !! So I guess he wont be wanting to sit on eggs in the near future.

Kate is currently driving back from Derbyshire where sh has been to buy some lambs from our friends Jo and Veronica. She has also informed me she has bought some Cream Legbar chicks………… so I wonder how many of them will be boys. The lambs are a cross between Welsh Mountain and Ryeland sheep, and will make lovely Autumn lamb so get your orders in quick. I am making sure we order ourselves a half 🙂

Also Henry our wood burning stove has arrived, and is awaiting installation. It is a stove with an oven, made by Jon Snow of and we are very excited at the prospect of keeping warm this winter. I have also been to look at curtains today as we need to think about heat loss and insulation for the colder weather. I came away empty handed, but I will see if Kate’s Mum will come with me to give me moral support and advice, as the ready mades will all need to be taken up and I want them to look nice. Kate on the other hand just says……… they are for a caravan!

Anyway I had better get out there and look busy for when Kate rolls up!

Pork kidneys, mushrooms and onions for tea…….. with our own new potatoes and kidney beans from Chris the farmer up the lane 🙂

All is very well here at Willow Farm.


One thought on “Keep up …… lots happening!!

  1. Ali & Pete

    So glad to hear all is well. After so many weekends away we are having to get on with all the chores at home. Currently preparing for the winter like you in that we are building new wood storage sheds for the winter logs. Hope to visit you very soon, we both send our love x

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