Autumn Lamb for sale!

So Kate went up to Derbyshire yesterday to buy some lambs.

This was a little bonus…. they are Cream Legbar chicks and we will raise them and hopefully breed with them. Though not using Tarlo as a broody as for those of you who read yesterdays blog will know Tarlo is a boy!

He has started to cock a doodle doo!

Kate also brought back these

 You can clearly see the beginnings of Hentonville in the second photo and also various patches where we need to sow some grass seed. These were taken on June 16th when our flying friend Kate flew over 🙂

Anyway the reason Kate went to Derbyshire was to get lambs and get them she did.

First we needed to worm them.

See how confidently Kate handles the sheep now 🙂

We then turned them out into the area I had penned off earlier, in true Blue Peter style!

They are a pretty flock and satisfied with them, my thoughts turned to cooking us the pork kidneys and mushrooms I had been looking forward too.

The lambs had other ideas!

They wanted a look around!

So when they eventually settled down and the evening rounds were done…. we had fruit malt loaf for tea 😦


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