Hentonville ….. more like the Cockpit!!

So the chickens are now safe from the fox behind a lovely 6 foot high fence,  covering about an acre  ( I think).  However there does seem to be a lot of cock a doodle dooing going on!

The 6 chicks we got from Rashwood Nursing Home, where they had been hatched have grown into some fine birds….. however it seems that 5 of them are cockerals and there were big fights going on yesterday and one has moved out and in with Tarlo and Ross, who are now refusing to sleep in their house …… so last thing at night wee are now chasing them round to catch them to shut them in safely. I tell you those chickens are exasperating!!!

We are also down on egg production as I have rehomed the old birds ahead of schedule…… we had 30 birds in a 50 bird house only laying about 12 eggs a day. We had been trying to avoid doing anything too drastic and when someoen offered to taken them away to keep…. it seemed too good a chance to miss. Unfortunately our new birds are not arriving until mid august so each egg produced is very precious. I am avoiding people at work, and eggs sales at the Hospice and local church are curtailed for the moment as it is all we can do to supply our regular egg round customers. The life of an egg producer is quite stressfull !


I have just had a few days away at Cambridg Folk festival… which was fantastic….. and it is lovely to be home. It was really cold sleeping in a tent and seemed luxery when I came home yesterday and had a hot shower!

Kate is off on her holidays in a couple of weeks and then we hope to have a couple of nights away in Ludlow in September, at the same time. Ludlow is about an hour away so we can easily get back if there is a problem…. and all I ask is that we have a  room with a bath 🙂

We are desparately in need of rain…. but we have friends and family arriving on thursday so dont really want to spoil their visits with rain…. but it was 28 in the caravan yesterday …. way too hot !

Anyway I must finish up now…….. sorry blogs have been in short supply…… I will try harder !



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