Ali in charge …. and she still finds time to blog!

Well actually it is more like …… I need to sit down in the cool and the generator is on recharging batteries and pumping water so  I am grabbing this perfect opportunity to blog! Also I can’t have a snooze as Dean the chicken house man is working hard putting up our new chicken house!

So Kate has gone off on her holidays ….. a day later than planned because she had so much to do before she left, but Thursday afternoon she drove off, with her surf board and wet suit packed….. destination Cornwall. I have had reports of the surf being great, crab and mussels being eaten, fishing trips, walking to Padstow and even plans for a pint of  ‘icks this evening. I think she is having fun and a well deserved break from farming.

Meanwhile I am in charge 🙂  and if I say so myself I am getting rather good at it 🙂 I have had the topper on and off 2 days running…………. the lawn mower thingy  that fits on the back of the tractor and I used to struggle with it until I cried and then Kate would have to help me.  I have been taking important phone calls from important people about bacon labelling, Kate and I have swopped phones for the holiday period, so she must really trust me!! I am also on standby for sausage delivery tomorrow if I get the call!!  I thought it was busy being me, but it is even busier being Kate.

Something has happened recently that has helped make running the farm slightly easier………….

We now have water all over the place……………… the pigs have a big trough with a ball valve that fills like a toilet cistern when the water pump is on, so keeps full. There is also a handy tap and hose for filling the other pigs troughs. There are similar ball valve regulator drinkers for the chickens and again a hose and tap for filling the little chickens drinkers. So we no longer have to fill containers and lug them around to fill all the animals drinkers………… until the pipes freeze 🙂

I have also had help over the last few days from Ann and Erica, friends from Bakewell. Ann and I worked together for nearly 9 years and it was great to see that we worked just as well moving chicken fencing as we used to making graphs and illustrations for the Annual report!

Did I mention we had ducks …………….?

They are so sweet and full of character 🙂

We also got some new little piglets last weekend, and they are settling in well.

We now have 14 pigs on the farm, but need to as we are selling them, either as 1/2 pig freezer packs, sausages or bacon and we are just starting to develop our own Willow Farm Saddleback ham. It is all go.

We are also selling Autumn Lamb and I sold a whole lamb to one customer last week who has also ordered some Hogget for the Spring, so do get your orders in!!!!!!!! Actually I must get mine in too!!

I have pork chop for tea tonight but we have sold out of sausages 😦 so no more until the end of September!

Anyway I must go now and feed the pigs.

Bed at nine for me tonight 🙂 Chickens are in bed by then as the nights draw in 🙂

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