And still no rain!!

I was in the bakers in Ombersley the other day and this lady in front of me was complaining about what a poor summer we were having ………………….. I bit my tongue :-/ We have had so little rain, the ground is so hard, the grass is so scorched !!!!!!!!!! Today we were forecast rain but so far nothing!!! And I was up and out early to get a few jobs done before it rained…… and I needn’t have rushed. Sweaty or what……….. I can’t remember the last time I sweated so much 😉

So todays jobs were last minute tidying up as Kate is back tomorrow and I am back to work. These are the Silver Birch trees planted at the end of March, and todays job was to mow around them and tidy up the bottom of the field. As a slightly more introverted person than Kate, I chose to mow here as opposed to along the lane. I have left that for Kate as she can then catch up with all the neighbours, and tell them about her wonderful holiday and what an absolute star I have been looking after the place 🙂

I spotted this Panther cub in the undergrowth, but fortunately it turned tail and disappeared!

Our Egg production is about ready to increase with the arrival of 100 new chickens. The houses are nearly ready and we cant wait to increase our egg production, as we are only just managing to serve our current customers.

The pigs have all  behaved today, the new little pigs seem to have adopted the slightly older pigs and all are getting on well.

Anyway enough of pigs, I must finish now as I need to do my homework….. not house work that it all done 🙂 We are off to the 94th Official Breed Show and Sale of Ryeland Sheep at Ludlow on Saturday and I have to have a bit of a browse through the catalogue, just in case we decide to make a purchase or 4.

Being in charge this summer has been a little bit different to last summer. More livestock to look after, and generally busier…. heyho…. makes the time fly.

Things I have learnt…………

  •  I can put the topper on and off quite easily.
  • Early to bed makes it easier to get up early.
  • Not to ring Kate during her working day, just to find out what she is up to……. it must be so frustrating to keep stopping whatever she is doing….
  • Being clean is not easy, and a shower is essential….phew I have sweated this week.
  • Overalls….. need to be worn.
  • Ombersley bakery millionaire shortbread is a worthy reward for a hard days work.
  • I have missed Kate more than my iPhone.
  • I am quite good at this 🙂


3 thoughts on “And still no rain!!

  1. lovelyalib

    Can’t believe you’ve still not had any rain!!. Loved the ‘black panther’, could turn out to be more trouble than Mr Fox. Thanks for a great time last week, we’ll be coming again soon. Ann & Erica

  2. Sam Merridale

    Love this blog! Particularly the things you have learned! Well done. An inspiration to anyone stuck to the daily grind of office politics – what you are doing really makes a difference. Sam xx. PS love the panther also!

  3. Ali & Pete

    Glad to hear that you are ‘good at this’ – Kate will be pleased, it means she can go on her hols again! Don’t forget that Pete is up for a visit to get the Marans with Kate next Tuesday. Will wait to hear from her about that. xx

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