The Ryeland Show and Sale 2011

So we are off, sandwiches packed, early morning rounds done and the Ryeland Show ahead:-)

We were keen to increase our flock size with the addition of some new ladies and a new Ram. We are so pleased with the Ryeland breed, for not only are they a local breed, originating from Hereford, but they are an easy to keep sheep, producing excellent fleeces and fantastic meat. We were slightly nervous of the prices this year as Sheep generally are more expensive than last year.

So onward to the show.

How nerve-wracking to be showing……….. we are thinking about it for next year……. but I am not sure if I could………. it would like entering your child in a beauty contest ………. so much pressure! I need to think more business like about it…….. they are stock not family! Wait and see what happens next year.

Here is Farmer Kate walking past the Silverware……….. could we be walking off with some next year ? ūüėČ

So onto the sale

The sales arena is one of the most uncomfortable places I have ever been. Rock hard seats, crammed together, unable to get out easily and hot! Also the Coloured Ryeland were first in the sale so we had to sit through them first. Some good prices were being paid for them. Then our turn came. The auctioneer was excellent and we were tuned into him and followed him quite easily. I think the very most uncomfortable I felt was when Kate was¬†on one side of me bidding against the gent sat on the other side of me……¬†the bidding went too high for us.

At the end of the day we ¬†bid on some we didn’t get and also on some we did. We now have a new shearling Ram Napoleon to add to our flock.

We had pulled out from bidding for another one from the same flock at ¬£395 and were please to buy him for less than ¬£300. Some of the prices were crazy………… ¬£900 and one for over ¬£1000.

We also bought 3 shearling¬†ewes and a ewe lamb, so were one short on our shopping list …. but we spent our budget well.

So then to get them loaded and home and we arrived back at the farm at 6pm. Just in time to do the evening rounds, having wormed our new purchases.

This is not a picture of Kate worming the new arrivals.. it is her climbing over the gate in between¬†the two sections of the trailer……. having wormed Napoleon and about to surprise the girls!

So later in the evening we turned them out into their quarantine¬†paddocks and then a well-earned rest ………..before the last job of that day!

We finished our lovely day by dusting 47 chickens  for red spider mite and moving them to a new house. This was all carried out in the darkness and we managed to dust ourselves quite well too.

So today I am having the day off…. Kate and Lisa are dissembling and moving the final chicken house to be moved, Kate has also been over to Droitwich to collect a swarm of bees from her parents garden, I did do the morning rounds and now I am going to have a cuppa and either a snooze or read my latest trashy thriller………… thrilling!


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