New chickens arrive at Hentonville!

So this week we increased our flock by 100 chickens, this was made up of 50 blue egg layers and 50 brown hybrids. All just about to come into lay so soon we will be albe to fulfill our orders and also offer our eggs to some other lucky people:-)

We have had some beautiful mornings this week, one of the strangest was on Monday when I took this picture. I was last out of bed….. mainly because Kate was taking our 3 Ryeland boy lambs to the slaughterhouse at 7am. I had been so upset a few days before when we separated them from the rest of the flock and brought them into the barn. I was actually sobbing and trying to justify being so upset by stating it was because we had given birth to them!!!!!! I think I was a little over tired and over emotional….. anyway I avoided being up first that morning. I did then creep around doing morning rounds as Jenny and John had come over the evening before and stayed in their caravan……… and I thought as there was no sign of them they must be needing the sleep. So I had just sat down outside to have my breakfast and dry my hair in the morning sunshine when…….. Kate arrived back with Jenny and John who had gone along for the ride!

With regard to the lambs ……. they are hung for a couple of weeks before butchery and Kate says they look fab……. Orlando in particular is mighty fine. She did say I should pop in and see them at Hereford House yesterday when I was in town……….. but do you know what ……… I ran out of time 😉

We now actually think that both Pam and Dawn are pregnant…….. Dawn more so and Kate was saying this evening that she thinks she will start bagging up in a week!!! That is when her teats start to develop and then I think it is only a couple of weeks to wait. It is bound to all happen the weekend that Mum moves up from Devon!!

Anway I did have other photos to share but the computer is playing up and I am slightly damp as we have been moving chickens from underneath their house onto their perches……… bless them……….. and it was raining!So Kate is in bed and I am off to bed now too. Ok so it is not quite 9 o clock but I bet there will be a good play starting on the radio in 10 minutes 🙂


One thought on “New chickens arrive at Hentonville!

  1. Uncle John

    Hi Are you saying that Orlando has gone t Mint Sauce heaven ? I thought he was to stay and grow older and wiser at Willow Tree farm.

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