People’s Supermarket Hog Roast

We’re delighted to be supplying one of our pedigree saddleback pigs to the People’s Supermarket for their 2011 Supper Club hog roast on Saturday. This exciting social enterprise is an ethical supermarket in the heart of London. All of their produce is ethically sourced and much of it would have gone to waste as it doesn’t meet the aesthetic standards required by the big supermarket chains. Do check out their website

We’re supplying the pig at cost to help support this great venture and hope that all you Little Black Piggers out there in London Town will see what you can do to support them too. It sounds like being a great event with excellent chefs pulling together a meal from totally sustainable sources…..there might even be a few tickets left! Kate will be there to talk to people about how we farm and answer any questions about the pig!

Don’t forget we’re always happy to answer questions. If you want to get in touch just click on an enquiry box at

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