Delicious lamb :-)

Tonight we have had a taste of our pedigree Ryeland lamb for the first time. It has been hung for two weeks and Kate spent the day at the butchers today overseeing the cutting and packing. She is there tomorrow too 🙂
So this evening while I did the rounds collected the eggs, checked the chickens had enough food and water and fed the pigs ….. Kate cooked tea.
Lamb chops, cabbage and green beans and the lamb was beautiful. It was tender, flavoursome and gorgeous and now I can’t wait for more.
It is great that what we produce we are so proud of 🙂 it makes everything worthwhile.
We also had orange jelly and evaporated milk for pudding …and Kate is now painting the bathroom 🙂
Happiness is living in a caravan at Willow Farm ……. The woodburner goes in at the weekend and I am feeling optimistic about the Winter and lamb hotpot 🙂

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