Power to Willow Farm.

So the evenings are drawing in………….
something we have been longing for as now the chickens are in bed by 7pm and we are free to have an early night 🙂
The mornings however are also quite dark which makes getting out of bed quite difficult 😦
We have a generator which provides power to us here on the farm, it is just that we need to get up in the mornings and go outside to turn it on, and at night go out to turn it off.And as I type this the generator has just run out of fuel so Kate is off to bed and I am finishing this in the dark!
This evening we have had a guy over to talk to us about renewable energy options for us here at Willow Farm… he is going to quote us for solar panels on the barn, which is south facing and just about perfect for the job.We have also had our quote for connection to the grid… so it is all systems go to get electricity to the farm. There is a 12 week lead time so allowing for other stuff, with luck we should have power by the end of february 🙂 Enough to power a washing machine on site 🙂

3 thoughts on “Power to Willow Farm.

  1. erika

    hi erika here
    was at sue n ian’s last weekend as my hubby david was learning to look after dottie sue’s new filly as were going to stay at theirs for a week while they have a holiday, just love your website
    all the best to both erika x

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