A lovely day at Willow Farm….

What a beautiful day we have been graced with today 🙂 Ok so the temperature dropped to 1.9 degrees last night but that is the price you pay for clear skies!

My brother Stephen and his wife Welna came over with Kascha, my niece, and Lewis who was with them for the day came over too. We enjoyed pork and apple rolls for lunch and them put Kascha to work helping us turn Kermit the ram over and trimming his and the boys feet.

When I said trimming the boys feet I meant the boy lambs feet…. just to clarify!

We walked the farm showing it off on this beautiful day and went to the far field to look back and it really is amazing how things have developed in a reasonably short span of time.

Hentonville has made a huge difference to us, not only in the safety of our chickens and the look of the land but also to our stress levels…. it was truly awful when we were having daytime fox raids and one of us was on the farm on watch all the time.. we can go out together now…. once in a while 🙂

I retired injured from foot trimming this afternoon, kicked by Kermit 😦 but I found plenty to do… a little light paperwork. The Ryeland lambs that were born in April need registering with the Ryeland Flockbook Society by the end of this month to be entered into this years flock book. And in order to sell their offspring as Pedigree Ryeland sheep we need them registered with their own pedigree certificates.

Are Pam and Dawn pregnant ……….. who knows ……….. they are on diets……….. in separate pens by the barn… and time will tell. £800 each in feed over the past year… Alfred too… so no pressure!!!

What else is happening…….. oh yes Benson thinks that there are critters living in the wood pile!

So now Kate is just putting the chickens to bed and then we have a cosy evening ahead… the stove is lit… we have food, drink and batteries for the radio……… Strictly Come Dancing pah!!!

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