How to be a Domestic Goddess in a Caravan

Ok so today I am cooking a lovely meal for Kate and Rhian, to enjoy after their hard days work. I have looked up recipes and been shopping and have just been faced with instructions such as 8oz of flour and cook on gas mark 7.

So after consultation with Kate we decided that gas mark 7 equated to filling the wood box up with ‘rocking horse shit'( very seasoned wood ) and opening the vent. And voila we have the meal nearly cooked.
So tonight’s menu of Curried Nut Roast, curly kale and rice, followed by Apple Crumble and proper custard……….. is coming together. Oh as to the 8 oz thing …. well I am thinking it is all about ratios 🙂

So really I have been having a lovely day while work has continued around me on the farm.

Lisa and James are currently erecting a fence to contain the cream leg bar chickens in their new run and home.

You will notice them wearing safety helmets…. that post knocker has a mind of its own.

The new bird house is nearly ready for use.

And the new duck house made out of pallets is coming together!

I hope they appreciate it !

So the secret of being a domestic goddess in a caravan is simple………… make the caravan nice and warm,fill it will delicious smells, make sure everyone works really hard and when they do eventually get to sit down and eat they will be so tired, cosy and hungry that they will think I am fantastic! 🙂

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