Kate and Ali are thinking about getting more dogs!

So Benson has a new, all encompassing, hobby.

There are mice in the woodpile !!!!! And Mr Ben knows it, but won’t catch them. Ali B is frightened of mice and can’t even think about larger rodents, having had to refer to them as squirrels, when we lived in Matlock and had ‘squirrels’ in the loft space. I remember one day lying on the floor one Sunday afternoon, reading the paper in front of the fire, when a mouse ran out of the log basket. How I screamed !!!!!!!!!! So mice in the woodpile and the potential squirrel threat with us keeping animal feed in the barn we need a ra…….squirreler ! A little terrier is what we are on the lookout for. In particular a little Cairn appeals, but watch this space.

Kate on the other hand is keen to make her imaginary dog a reality! Shep, her faithfull sheepdog, who walks obediently at her heel, whilst inspecting th flock is actually not real. However with our even increasing flock of Ryelands and the frequent need to round them up, for foot inspection etc… well a sheepdog seems just the thing.
Mr Ben will sit where he is told and kind of act as a bit of a deterent, but he does not round up anything! So we have been looking as some local folks website called The Working Sheepdogs website and are beginning to make enquiries.

For those of you who think that living in a caravan with 3 dogs is madness……… well we have a very nice kennel and wire mesh run in the barn for our new dogs and Mr Ben will be the only one allowed in the caravan.

Kate has taken Ben to the Vets today for his annual MOT and he is OK, a bit skinny, but fit. He has had some fluid taken from the fatty lump that is growing on his chest wall, as it has doubled in size in the last year, so that is being checked out.

Oh as a follow on the the how to be a domestic goddess in the caravan ………. well we went to the Leaking Well for a drink before tea, so decided not to make real proper custard, so just made it with Birds, first try was totally lumpy, second attempt better and all the nut loaf was eaten. So not quite the domestic goddess I would have you think I was!

Kate had a go at making bread in the stove yesterday, it was great…. and is already having a second go today!

The duck house was finished

thank you Rhian once more for your help 🙂

Now back to dogs ……. puppy names are very important, Shep is the name for Kates sheepdog, male or female.. it has to be Shep, apparently. However the terrier… well I have been looking on line for inspiration……. did you know that there is a website called momswhothink.com which has a whole lot of puppy names !!!!!!!!! no I am not making it a link!

So watch this space for updates on our puppy quest.

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