So Littleblackpig Blog followers……… any questions?

You really are marvelous people and give us very positive, great feedback :-)via comments left on the blog or by other social networking means.

We have had 6,574 hits on our blog since we started in March last year. Our busiest day so far was March 20th this year which I think was when Kate was on the telly! So far we have had 12 hits today ……………

But what we would like to know is :

What else would you like to see on the blog? What questions do you have that we may be able to help with? Do you want more or less photos? Do you want less 🙂 and …………. Kate says they are annoying……… do they annoy you?

So here is your chance to make this blog even better, or at least slightly more good! Please do let us know 🙂

Any comments on our website greatly appreciated too.

This pig is not pregnant 😦

6 thoughts on “So Littleblackpig Blog followers……… any questions?

  1. Sam Merridale

    I love the pics too, particularly of the animals! Your blogs are great – always raises a smile. You guys are doing great and it’s always good to see another new post. Keep it up! X

  2. Uncle John

    So what has that BOAR been a doing of. That sow should be productive ! W all expected little squeals etc by now.
    Give him a good talking to, mention things like “burchers” and “Knife sharppening” and see if that wakes him up.

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