How to make sausages.

So this morning I went with Kate to Hereford House Butchers in Droitwich, where one of our pigs was delivered from the abattoir earlier. Our mission was to make 44lb of sausages to fulfill the order from the girls in Malvern Intermediate Care team 🙂

So first of all Keith trims the meat off the shoulder joint. We only use the shoulder meat in our sausages, as we think that gives the tastiest result.

Then Kate puts the meat through the mincer.

Then the meat is placed in a huge mixing bowl and water, seasoning and a little rusk added, and then all mixed together.

So then with the help of Sandra, the best sausage maker we know, the sausage meat is ready to be made into sausages. The skins known as casings are one of our most expensive ingredients. We believe that our pedigree Saddleback meat deserves the best, and these casings provide such a ‘light bite’ we find they make our sausages exceptional.
And then for the tricky bit……..

Then over to Kate to do the linking

Then it was over to me for packing, however I could not pack and take photos so no more I am afraid.

So we did it, 44 lbs of sausages ready for delivery and collection. The lovely Emma R is coming to pick hers up tomorrow, and being an avid blog follower I cant wait to hear what she thinks of the real thing!

2 weeks time same place, same drill as we make twice as many in our last sausage making venture before Christmas.

So if you want to order sausages for January, contact us via our website, littleblackpig, and we will sort it out.

5 thoughts on “How to make sausages.

  1. Candy & Mel

    Wow, what a wonderful job, we just had to say how envious we are and how you have progressed since the sausage packing exploits in Matlock. They look sooooo tasty! Have to say Kate’s got that “Patricia the Stripper” look but this time with a sausage boa!

  2. Linda Bywater

    Just love the photos, especially the one of Kate and the sausages!!:) Those Intermediate Care girls are just far too greedy! Keep up the good work.

    Matron xx

  3. Emma

    Just got back from collecting my sausages from the farm. Wow what a wonderful place!,] I’m sooo jealous!

    Thank you Kate and Benson for showing me round.

    Hmmm lunchtime – sausages me thinks, yum yum

    Em x

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