50% cut feed in tarriffs ……

It was only less than a month ago that I blogged about our plans to connect to the national grid, for our power, and buy solar panels to feed into the grid. Well I guess it has all changed now 😦 as the government is going to cut the tarriff from Dec 12th by 50% and no way will we be connected to the grid in time. It is a blow for us as we want to be as green as possible, and are very excited about renewable technology. Hey ho we need to have a think………

Meanwhile we are doing some things to make us more energy efficient.

I was not just taking photos I was poking insulation material through with a stick !!

Lagging the water pipes under the caravan, to stop them freezing. Also putting a skirt onto the caravan to help insulation and reduce drafts 🙂

Meanwhile check out our website Littleblackpig

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