Legendery British Bangers!

So having won a Silver award for our Traditional Pedigree Saddleback sausages in the legendary British Banger competition we are experiencing a spike in demand. Regular customers will know, that if your order is not in with us by now, our next sausages will not be available until early January 2012.

We have been thinking about how we can improve our Pork production to keep pace with demand, stay true to our ethos of conserving traditional breeds and making our pork even better.Kate has been looking into traditional pre – war pork production. One of the most popular pork pigs in this period was a Saddleback (or a Wessex or Essex pig from which the Saddlebacks derive) crossed with one of the traditional breeds of white pig.

We decided to give it a go! Our first tentative step in this direction is buying in a batch of Saddleback x Large White weaners. We are also considering trying a Middle White cross which has a reputation for highly flavoured meat, low back fat and a fine boned carcass, so watch this space for developments on this front.

We will be especially keen to get feedback from customers who have enjoyed our pure pedigree Saddleback products (pork,sausages,bacon, gammon) because at the end of the day it is all about a tasty treat on your table. So if you are interested in being part of this exciting experiment contact us now via the website..littleblackpig to get your name on the waiting list for the first batch of Willow Farm traditional pork.

More about these new pigs. We went and picked them up on Sunday and they were very active and looked like they had the potential to be real escape artists!!
When we got home on Sunday afternoon we decided to put them into Hentonville to turn over the top of the field before we re seed it with grass. That meant we had to move their new home from where we had originally planned up to the top of the farm. I love driving the tractor but this needed concentration.

By the time we finished it was getting gloomy, and we could hardly see the pigs.

…. so I asked Kate to take some pictures while I was at work.

They look so different to the pigs we have had before, the Saddlebacks and the Berkshires… kind of naked…. but they are settling in well and seem quite content to root around in the mud 🙂

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