Making Linda’s Christmas Gammon

In my day job, working as a Nurse in Malvern, I share an office with Linda and Annie. Two highly skilled Community Nurses who deserve medals for putting up with me talking about … life on the farm ….. most of the time! To their credit they have both purchased pork, sausages and Linda has bought half a Hoggett and has prebooked one for next year too. So I guess they are fans of our produce 🙂

Well Linda has ordered a large Gammon joint to have for Christmas, and last week we started making it. That is the Royal we…. Kate did the work and I took the pictures.

So our gammon is basically made from the legs… back legs of our Pedigree Saddleback pigs. We use the shoulder meat for sausages, and the legs for the gammon.

The leg joint is boned by Keith, the butcher. Then a mixture of salt and saltpeter is rubbed into the meat, which is then placed on a plastic tray, in a plastic box and in the fridge. It stays in the fridge for 3 weeks, and Kate visits it regularly to drain off the water that is drawn out of the meat by the process of osmosis. The gammon is then soaked in fresh water to remove excess salt, air dried and then ready for delivery once it has been vacuum packed 🙂

So Linda’s gammon is about half way through the process, and next Wednesday we will start Rachel’s and also Jo’s gammon joints off. It is all rather lovely when we know exactly who will be enjoying each joint as we prepare them.
I am also rather kicking myself that I didn’t put us down for one as we won’t have any more gammon until early January. You would think that there were some perks to this farmering life ……… well actually there are …… but they are not all gammon and sausage shaped:-)

I sometimes think Benson wishes we weren’t living quite so close to nature !!

Anyway if you want to book your Gammon ready for next Christmas …. or sooner…. it might be worth contacting us soon, via the website is easy, as the contact us notification comes straight through to my i phone and we have a record by email and can confirm it easily with you.
That website link again littleblackpig

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