Animal Farm!

I have never read Animal Farm by George Orwell, I understand it is a satirical novel which focuses on the obliteration of totalitarian regimes. So as there is not a murder within the first couple of pages, no serial killer on the loose, and no secret agents, I probably wont ever read it.

However these new pink pigs are a powerful bunch of guys, they look cute like Babe, but they could easily be plotting some daring do… and plan a break out from Hentonville.

This one looks sweet and butter wouldn’t melt… but see him smiling to himself … thinking he has fooled us…… well I am watching them!

Also considering we have no telly, and the chickens are not allowed in the caravan to read our cereal packets……. where did this attention seeking chicken get this idea!!!

It has been a productive and lovely weekend. The stove is still smoking out and the temperature is dropping so it is going to be an interesting week ahead. I am only in Malvern two days this week. Then on Wednesday we are making sausages again, thursday delivering them and I am on a course on friday. We are also out two nights running, catching Janis Ian in Worcester on Wednesday and going to see Worcester Warriors play on thursday. So life is a delicate mixture of hard work, work and fun at the moment…. lovely 🙂

Anyway that is all…. I have a good thriller to finish before I go to bed.

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