Blue bottoms!

Napoleon our new ram has been in with the girls now for 8 weeks and last Saturday the raddle colour was changed for the last time and we are now on blue. So whereas originally we were looking for yellow, then green, then red dye on the girls bottoms … we are now looking for blue. This morning when I was wandering amongst them I counted three blue bums. So we are going to have a quite lengthy lambing next Spring! We will need to be prepared for lots of disturbed nights!

Currently the days are too short to get all the jobs done……. but we dare not complain as this time last year we were starting the big freeze!

Kate has made me a path to get in and out of the caravan without getting muddy……… she treats me well 🙂

She also has been spending lots of time with Russel, and introduced him to some sheep the other day. He really is a lovely dog and gets on well with Benson.

I have been on holiday this week and been trying to help out around the farm. I have been in charge today as Kate is at college and then doing the egg round on the way home. So everyone is fed and safely shut up for the night, and we have jacket potatoes quietly sizzling in the stove. Just waiting now for Kate………..

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