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So today is my non working day and I have waved Kate off to college and just finished the morning rounds. It is a beautiful morning, a little windy, some big puddles after last nights rain, and my wooly hat is on to stay for the day!

Morning rounds are slightly different and a little longer at the moment cos we are feeding the pigs the fodder beet tops, from the fodder beet we grew in the summer. Anyone visiting us over the Summer will remember the weeding!!!! Anyway it seems to have been a good idea and the pigs just love it. So this morning I took the tractor over to the heap and filled up the transport box and delivered it around the farm.

While I was down feeding the Saddlebacks I noticed something amiss with our Ryeland flock! So with a sense of trepidation I went to investigate!!!

No these were ok but …..

Dont worry she was still alive….. just unable to get up!!So with a little help she was on her feet again. I don’t think it was the wind that blew her over!

Meanwhile it gave me chance to look back on the farm

So many photos today mainly because it is light today….. we are finding the lack of light along with no electricity quite difficult. Waking up is never easy but knowing you have to go out and put the generator on to have light in the mornings is hard. For me only seeing the farm in daylight at the weekends is also difficult…. it is wonderful having the adventure we are…. but only to see it 2 days out of 7 doesn’t seem right. We were remembering the other evening how in the summer we longed for the dark evenings when the chickens went to bed early. ell they are in bed by 4 now!!! Anyhow 2 weeks today is the shortest day HURRAH !!!! Bring it on ….. and it has not really been cold yet…. what are we complaining about 🙂 And next Winter we will have electricity at the flick of a switch 🙂 We have just sent off our application.

Now I am sure you regular followers will wonder how Kate is getting on with Russel……….. Oh he is fabulous, and Kate has refered to him as cute more than once. She is smitten, he is a lovely dog. Keen to learn, he lies down on command, and gets up on command too.

There that is all I have spoilt you with photos today. So I am busy for the rest of the day, making a Christmas cake amongst other things. Also making posters for work to advertise the next batch of sausages ……

Also only 47 more hits on the blog needed and we will have had 7,000 !!!

3 thoughts on “Coffee break blog

  1. Linda Bywater

    Have a lovely day lovelyalib !! Must say, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of your ewe:( but glad she is now ok 😦 Another life saved; I’m proud of you. Hope the Christmas cake is a success and don’t drink too much of the brandy!! Come to think of it, are you sure your ewe didn’t get to the bottle first ?!! 🙂
    See you tomorrow 🙂

  2. Uncle John

    What have you done to that poor ewe, Did you not consider her feelings or why she was lying down, she may have had a perfectly good motive. She may have been practicing yoga or she may have thought that her attitude would fool Russel or again she might have heard about the stars and been trying to get a better view. Just imagine Willow Tree Farm has an astronomer ewe. Imagine her chagrin at being disturbed, I notice she turned her back on you in distgust – don’t expect anything for Christmas from her !
    Still the pigs looked happy enough with the fresh greens, I wonder how they like their Brussel Sprouts.
    Be happy

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