Off to pick up our latest ebay purchase … a Ferguson Sherman 2 Furrow Plough!

I suppose not every girl is lucky enough to go off on an adventure on a Saturday morning to collect a 2 Furrow Plough, but that is what I did last weekend 🙂

Oh yes I haven’t mentioned that we have upgraded our Trooper, as it was in the garage too frequently for our liking, to this beauty. Kate loves its practicality but does feel it looks a little like a porn magnates vehicle of choice.

So we had the dogs on board, sandwiches packed and off we set….. to Snowdonia !! What a beautiful drive, and what a place to find !

Seriously this was part of the route…. when we got to this spot we rang the seller, and yes we had to take a left here and carry on for another 1/2 mile.

The guy who was selling it was very knowledgeable about ploughs and Kate and he spent a while marvelling at the condition it was in, considering its age etc. I kind of smiled a bit, and tried to show some enthusiasm but really just wanted to get back into the warm car and off again………. it was freezing! So it was loaded up and we journeyed home.

Next morning it was time to lift it off, with our tractor…. me driving 🙂

It was after the next picture that Kate told me, very clearly, to put the camera down and concentrate!!

So I did as I was told.

So there it is … we now are the proud owners of a Ferguson 2 Furrow Plough 🙂

Now I have tried to wax lyrical about the new plough……… and it will be fantastic to get my veg plot ploughed properly in the spring……..but I can’t get quite as excited as Kate about this. Kate doesn’t think I have taken enough photos of the plough ! Anyhow there will be a future blog written by Kate to share with you all how brilliant it is 🙂

Just to finish off …. Russ has taken to sitting on the tractor in the barn…….. I think I have competition!!

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