Pork Deliveries / Little Black Pig – the farm shop that comes to you.

We never mind enquiries about our produce, and today just as we were having lunch the phone rang with an enquiry from someone looking to source some lovely pork. Our website is set up so that we can be contacted by clicking on the contact us section and an email is sent to us, or by phone 🙂 We really don’t mind which.
Over the last few months we have had more web traffic and enquiries made and it has made us look at our whole order to delivery process. In our early days Kate would deliver personally, however now with the business building she really can’t afford the time driving around the country. It is a shame as she does love meeting everyone and talking about what we are doing. but the business needs her close at hand! We have looked into courier services and our latest batch of pork was sent by UPS. This meant that the meat was collected by the courier from the butchers and straight to customer’s doors. The whole system went very smoothly and we got good feedback from people. So we will be looking to repeat this. To keep costs down we will hope to concentrate all our long distance orders into the same week, each month. More can be explained much better by Kate, so if you do want to try ordering meat to be delivered ring her littleblackpig .

So we have had a good day doing the rounds together, breaking the ice in the animals troughs, and getting a little bit more festive.

You may not be able to see but Kate is putting some lights up on the barn as we have not got a tree. We were gong to get an outside tree, but we thought again, as Russel may just eat it!

So this time next week Christmas day 🙂 We are hoping it will be a little warmer as my Mum is hoping to stay over Christmas night, and minus 2 as it was last night is not that much fun.

So pigs fed, chickens in bed. Uniform ironed and ready for tomorrow. Kate showered and we are off to get some petrol for the generator, a quick pint of beer for us, then home for roast pheasant 🙂 Life is good 🙂

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