Christmas Wishes from Willow Farm!

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas 🙂 Well actually it is way too mild and sort of damp and dreary compared to the last 2 years that we have spent at Willow Farm.

Christmas 2009 staying on the land in Tiger, the campervan, and showing our fields off to friends and family on Boxing Day….
and last year coming up to the farm early, as we were living with Kate’s Mum and Dad in Droitwich, and doing morning rounds together.

This year we will be waking up in the caravan, with temperatures predicted to fairly warm, and Mum is coming to church with us and then staying over for the rest of the day….she will be returning to civilisation on Boxing Day.

I am slightly worried about cooking the Christmas dinner….. like lots of people! My worries include, getting the stove hot enough to start with and then not too hot so as to burn the roast. Cooking with wood makes life interesting, and getting all the veg, roast potatoes and meat all ready at the same time will be a challenge. A challenge that today I look forward to with relish…. yesterday I was stressing!

So my Christmas wishes are:
for Health and Happiness for one and all friends, family and animals.
for successful festive feast preparation,
and for the temperature to remain above 2 degrees…. for Mum’s sake!

So Happy Christmas blogg watchers…….. thanks for your support and interest ……

not long until lambing 🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes from Willow Farm!

  1. Ali & Pete

    Happy Xmas to you all at Willow Farm – hope the roast is a run away success – no doubt will be a fab day. See you in 2012, love Ali & Pete xx

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