Pig out at Christmas!

As some of you are aware I was really worried about cooking Christmas dinner in our woodburning stove in the caravan.

however I need not have worried………it was fantastic…. especially the stuffing made with our sausage meat,chestnuts,onion and apple 🙂 It was not one of our chickens but we did buy it from our lovely butchers,Colin and Keith at Hereford House, in Droitwich. Kate stuffed the chicken and did some fancy stitching!

There are no pictures of it cooked however as we just ate it 🙂

So Christmas 2011 was very mild with the temperature dropping to a low of 10 overnight. We did the morning rounds together………

Kate getting into the pantomime mood…. pieces of eight!

And then after a little bit of dog dancing we were off to collect my Mum and go together to our local church service at Ombersley.

Then as we returned home ……….. the duchesse guilts Dorothy and Camilla were out of their enclosure…. feasting on fodder beet… then just generally running around the barn!!

but easy enough to entice back into their pen…. and set up the electric fence again.

Boxing day was a lovely family day split between Droitwich and the farm and we had the pleasure of showing off our smallholding to Auntie Jane… writer of poetry and also Uncle Michael .. avid blog reader and his first of many visits … we hope 🙂
The farm was looking good.. though even better today with the sun shining.

This is our veg plot for next year and you shoud see the spread sheet with our plans for it!! It looks good on paper…. we just need to get it dug and planted 🙂

65 eggs today 🙂

Hentonville is proving effective…. although we hear the fox most nights… we have a strand of electric wire around the top of the fence….. however we do still remember only too well the devestation those cunning creatures cause and don’t rest too easy 😦

And now I must prepare some tea …. we are having a maffia themed evening as we are going to watch part 1 of the Godfather…. Kate has never seen it ….. so chicken, olives, tomatoes, chilli oil and couscous….. ok so not a classic Italien meal …. but useful use of leftovers…… hmmmn I wonder if brussels will go with it?

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