Wonderful Rare Breed Pork Sausages

I am blogging this as my sausages sizzle in the pan 🙂 Kate is finishing the egg round n Droitwich and I have fed the animal and am listening to the Archers.

We have had a sausage week, making 80lbs on Wednesday, delivering them yesterday around Worcestershire and today and eating some of them this evening, and tomorrow night too. One of my customers was saying how she was having sausages and chips for tea tonight and I fancy having a go at chips in our wodburning oven, maybe tomorrow.

Oh dear they are talking re lambing stress and exhaustion on the Archers!!!!!! I have convinced both Kate and myself that last year was such an emotional rollercoaster because we had just been through the stress of our planning application and had only just moved into the caravan!

Sausages cooked .. I am off!

Oh yes if you want to order some sausages we are making more soon so contact us via the website         littleblackpig

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