Its all happening on Willow Farm !

Well it is only Wednesday and it has been such a busy week!

Sapphire has settled in very well and as predicted has come on heat … or is hogging…. yesterday she was pacing and today Kate took her down to meet Alfred 😉 Well they got on very well and now the pecking order is Alfred and his new woman Sapphire then Dawn and last but not least poor Pam. Does a menage a trois mean 3 females?

Also Kate went off to Sheffield yesterday to buy some Saddleback  and Middlewhite crossed piglets, and also a little Middlewhite boar. Well apart from blowing out a tire on the trailer on the way home, it all went well. Unloading them in the dark was a bit of an adventure, luckily they are white so we had a clue as to where they were!! The little pedigree boar is very cute.

Kate took some photos this afernoon

This unfortunately is the best one! But don’t worry I will take lots at the weekend:-)

There do seem to have been lots of pictures taken of Russel………..

I can’t think why!

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