Pigs wonderful pigs!

If we had to decide which were the cutest pigs we had ever had….. it would be a difficult choice.

These were our youngest to date….. some Saddleback / Berkshire orphans we adopted.

I was strongly opposed to the Middlewhite pigs as I said they were ugly… however I am now having to eat my words.

Crossed with a Saddleback they are a lovely looking pig…. and our little Middlewhite boar is just the cutest so far!

 roll on next weekend when I can see them in daylight again!

and take more photos.

Hey click on our logo and enter our website to find out more…………… (if you knew how hard I have struggled to get our logo to be the link to the website ………… well lets just say I am not sure I can do it again!)

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