A working weekend!

So this weekend I have declared myself available for work on the farm……. forsaking my usual trip into Droitwich to go to the library, go food shopping, take washing over, and have coffee with Mum. Yesterday morning I was up and dressed in a multitude of tee shirts, hoody, Worcester Warriors hat and padded shirt, jeans and working boots….. actually my walking boots… but working boots sounds better.

James my working buddy arrived at 8… but I was out already starting the rounds. Kate ran through the list of jobs she had for us…….. it was lengthy……. and James and I decided to do the worst job first. That was to clean out the chicken houses . Having not had to do this for severell months .. if not over  year.. I had forgotten just what a horrible job it is. That is all I am going to say on the subject.

Having done the worst job things can only get better. We moved Dorothy and Camilla down to the bottom field, so set up a new pen and towed the arc down with the tractor.

So Dorothy and Camilla are now within sight of Alfred the boar. February is the date for the big introduction.. when Camilla goes to pay a visit. Kate and I were discussing today whether or not Pam is pregnant……….. I know we have been there before and even started knitting the booties!

Anyway back to how hard I worked yesterday!!

So we moverd the pens and also moved the farrowing arc into position just below the little caravan, we use for tea breaks when we are working. I hd to hop into the transport box at one stage to add my ballast to the operation! It was quite action packed.

You will notice no photos of these operations …. chiefly because I was on my best behaviour and leading by example…….. and concentrating on what we were doing.

We cleaned and disinfected all the troughs and drinkers.

This trough is as long as I am tall, and I had to empty it completely before I could move it!

 We brought everything onto the pad in front of the barn for jet washing before we disinfected it.

We also did the rounds and tidied up the barn as bit.

So cute …………..

And talking of cute……….. where was Kate ?……….

 No not reading in the caravan………. she really drew the short straw……… she was catching up on paper work, confined to the office in the barn.

And what is she doing now….. in the dark?

She is finishing jet washing the pad

Today has been a continuation of yesterday, with cleaning and tidying the barn as priority. I have chopped logs, done the rounds and collected the 62 eggs laid today.

I took one or two photos as I did evening rounds, but slacking all weekend. Kate talked of us going for a pint at lunchtime and I actually turned it down, saying that it would be a shame to miss the best bit of the day for working outside! However I wont take much persuading soon.. when the chickens are in bed!

Sapphire has settled in very well and is a lovely friendly pig.

My working weekend has been great, I have acheived a lot and also to be honest I thought I would be totally exhausted……. but I am not … I haven’t felt like crying today and it was only twice yesterday! So all is good… what is more I can hear the barn shutters going down so Kate is knocking off and we are off to the pub.

Ok….. thats all for today…. I need a shower…. check out our website

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