Ali B’s Birthday suprise …. sort of !

Well today is my Birthday, my first in the caravan, and in all honesty I am looking forward to my next one, as so far this Birthday has been great. Kate has spoiled me in a manner to which I could easily become accustomed!

A cup of coffee and cards and pressies in bed at 6.30 and then breakfast cooked for me before I went off to work and Kate started the rounds. I was on a course today and bearing in mind that it is 30 years since I left school, I do find it hard to sit still all day and be talked at…….. but that is over now.

So I rang Kate on the way home (hands free) and she fessed up that the suprise she had been working on had not worked out as she had wanted… and therefore she was behind on everything else………so I went directly home and did not pass go.

The suprise that she had been trying to pull off may not sound that exciting to most people……… but to me ……….. well it would have been wonderful if it had worked.

You see I miss having a washing machine at home……… we have been living here a year OK 10 months and in order to do washing we take it over to our family and put it through their washing machines, we went to stay with Jenny before Christmas and took our washing…….. we took clean clothes  for granted so much in the past… but no more. Also having limitted storage space means we are turning around the same clothes regularly….also I work 5 days a week and have 4 uniform tops and 2 pairs of trousers and have to wear clean each day. So I miss having a machine at hand when I take my clothes off!

We now have the plumbing ready…………. we are still awaiting the electricity quote…….. but it cant be much longer……….but Kate thought as a Birthday suprise she would get it working by other means.

So Kate borrowed a generator from a good friend of ours, Nigel. This involved a lot of hefting and carrying … she also moved the washing machine from one corner of the barn to the other. She then plumbed it in (plumbing evening classes paid off once more).  She set it to work and then


it got to the spin cycle and then stopped!!!!!!!!!! So lots of trying, lots of internet searching, and it seems that the generator power output cycle needs to be a smooth sine curve at 50 hertz………… and neither of our generators will produce it……….. they produce power but not smooth power!!!

So the washing machine is in place, there are a pair of overall in the machine which is full of water and we cant open the door!! Also my Birthday meal shopping hasn’t been done, we have some paint stripper white wine and about 1/2 an inch of whiskey!

However that being said………. I am probably one of the luckiest people I know………. I am loved, I have a wonderful family and friends, the stove is lit and the wood in, and we have a very good takeaway 5 minutes away.

8 thoughts on “Ali B’s Birthday suprise …. sort of !

  1. Ali

    happy, happy birthday indeed x sounds like you two have almost everything you need to be happy in life – the electricity AND washing machine will follow! x

    • littleblackpig

      Aww thanks x when I read the blog out to the lovely kate I did have a tear in my eye … But I am over that now 🙂 hope to see you guys sometime soon …. Come and camp when it is warmer or sooner X x

  2. melissa dalton

    Happy Birthday Ali, sorry your smalls are still left in the lurch, so to speak.As to your day on a course-I hope you didn’t rustle the pages in an annoying manner for your fellow attendees…..!!
    Miss you guys, love and best wishes Melissa and Paul xxx

    • littleblackpig

      Hey you guys great to hear from you … I was not rustling papers !! Life is good 🙂 but miss you guys … Hope all is well in the land of minor injuries … Ressus training is not the same without you !! Come by whenever x x

  3. Kate Stanyon

    Happy Birfday Ali,
    Luv your birthday blog entry!!!!
    What would we do without takeaways!!
    Will try and pop in if passing
    I am having some time off at present having had a bunion correction operation, the most time I will ever have off work without having a baby!!!! Planning 2nd Op for April!!!
    K xx

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