Lambing Live 2012 + Pigs

What  a wonderfull weekend we have had, beautiful day yesterday and cold yet dry today and we have moved forward in out lambing live 2012 preparation.

But first pigs………. while James and Lisa cleaned out the chickens, jet washed and poultry shielded the houses …….. I topped up the pigs straw, cleaned their troughs, gave them more straw and generally spent a little time with them.

The pigs just love fresh straw and the weather forecast did predict cold ………..

the little pigs are growing …. cuter

And then our big breeding pigs are just getting so big!!

But enough of pigs ……… we were getting ready for Lambing Live 2012.

So first we had to calmly gether our 18 ewes ( who we are hoping are pregnant) and get them ready for the lambing. So this meant trimming their feet, dagging them and trimming their vital bits…. or the wool around them, also worming them, giving them a heptovac injection to guard against clostidial disease, and ………… oh yes we also gave them a dose of  anti fly strike stuff, as although it is ridiculously early……… we had such a mild March last year and had problems and we dont want to repeat that, especially as we will be lambing for over 4 weeks!(Potentially 8 weeks but I dont want to blog that …. we just left the tup in a bit long……….. poor Kate……… send chocolate!

We have a very scientific way of telling who is due when, there are 1 spots and 2 spots and 3 spots and 4 spots, depending on when they were tupped. So this weekend the 1 and 2 spots were seperated off and we have now started giving them extra feed!

There are 12 due in the first 4 weeks of March and then 6 others due in April ………watch this space! Kate is sorting out the lambing rota now so if anyone wants to come and help, join in, keep Kate company, anything really get in touch ………. you can contact Kate via our website…….. see our logo at the end and click on it!


So in this next photo ………. it is a pig on the right ……… just for you townies !! And I don’t think they are really kissing!


At this point my camera ran out of batteries !!

So the 12 ewes are in their new field, up the lane in a kind neighbours field, for a little spa break before lambing.. we are walking up the lane daily to feed them.

Otherwise we have ended the weekend at The Fruiterers Arms, our local, once more……… for a second week running we have been plied with alcohol and sung too. We did not dance this weekend, but it was fun………… did you know that Kenny Rogers does a better version of The Green Grass of Home than Tom Jones……..

We are now planning on a bit of target practice ……. not tonight but next weekend hopefully when a friend of ours is coming to stay. There are two versions………… one is the I can’t shoot a rabbit version and other is not!

So equipment = 1 air riffle, pellets, truck, warm clothes ………… tin cans ( the humane version)

The plan is …….. drive up to the top field and park………… with ? Ali in the pickup open bit with gun!

Wait a bit


Lights on and shoot the cans from the back of the truck !!!

Bang Bang….. or actually ……ping ping!

Well it is just a thought……….

Now it is nearly time to get our daily ….. for the last 3 days…….. dose of Miranda Hart. the latest DVD we have from Love films to watch on the computer. She is absolutely hilarious and we have laughed so much………. so that is it…. another weekend over …. and Lambing Live 2012 ever closer!!!



3 thoughts on “Lambing Live 2012 + Pigs

  1. erika

    been to ian n sue’s today as david is is also learning how to help train dottie, many thanks for the invite for open day just hoping to be able to come wit them as i need the proper date, they could not remember, as always just love the website, good luck with the lambing live,
    allthe best erika x

  2. Jen

    Inspirational levels of organisation! I once had ‘lamp chops’ at a cafe in Greece – maybe offspring arising from a similar kissing event?
    Wonderful blog – keep ’em coming! Jenx

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